Customer Reviews

Reviewed By: Valerie Butler Jackson

July 30, 2018

"I would like to thank you and the ACI staff for giving my vintage loveseat rocker a “new life”! When I took the loveseat to your warehouse it was like I took my child to the hospital to get a broken arm repaired, my nerves were on the edge questioning whether to leave it in this place and would it be given the attention it desperately needed. I left it there and was assured that the rocker would be taken to the “refurb wood shop”. Mr. Hartwick shared with me the entire process and gave me his mobile number if I had any questions, of course I called him a few times, as a mother would. Well the big delivery day was yesterday July 25th……. I was so surprised it was delivered to my workplace! Ms. Jacki said it was so beautiful and to not be in any hurry to pick it up from her office! I immediately went back home because I was in my car, I got into my truck and was at the loading dock within 20 minutes to get my precious loveseat to take it home!! It- IS- Beautiful, I have been in disbelief that it’s the same loveseat -OMG. Your people ROCK with awesomeness!! So, to everyone (Sandy Powell, Charles Ballard, Debra Thomas, Lela Pennington, Steve Strahan, carpenters, brushes, screws, nails) all who had a part in the repair of my special 200 year old family heirloom loveseat rocker, THANK YOU SO MUCH, I love you guys with all my heart!! The ACI facility rocks!!!"

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Reviewed By: Doug Hale, Aviation Commission of Pine Bluff

August 8, 2018

"The aviation commission purchases shirts from them for uniforms. They are inexpensive. And, it doesn't hurt your feelings so much if they get stained or damaged. About $15.00 per shirt with embroidery logo and names.

They have a number of other services too that may benefit you. My office furniture was made my them. We also buy their floor wax. It is a very good product and competitively priced. Check it out..."


Reviewed By: Matthew McCord, Director of Health, Wellness & Recreation

September 30, 2018

"I just wanted to say that your two inmates under the direction of Tim Holstein, did a wonderful job installing our new gymnasium padded wall mats in our college campus Wellness/Rec center.

Those inmates are hard workers, and did quality work. We had some holes left in the concrete wall, left from the old mats (above the new mats), that they took down, and they filled in the holes and painted over them, going above and beyond what it took to make it look right.  I was impressed with their work!"