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Large BBQ Grill



*If you would like this item customized further, please use the contact form.


Great for backyard cook-outs. Also, great for schools, agencies, or any business that has special events, fundraisers, or parties.

Port-a-Grills, 11 ga. steel with 3/8″ grated metal shelf, convenient wood shelf, and 2 wheels for mobility. The grill is 55 7/16″ tall, 39 3/8″ wide, and 32 1/2″ depth.

Can be customized to fit your needs. We can help design and customize the grill to fit your needs. Add your logo. Click contact form above to customize. Customizing the grill will need to be quoted.

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All Metal Fabrication items will come with a 1-year warranty, excluding abuse.