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72” Oak Bench



Sturdy wooden bench. Made from solid oak. Can be customized to fit your needs.

Add a bench to your agency, organization, church, or school.  Add one bench or multiple benches to a lounge area, office, entryway, or library.


Below is a customer review from Benton County.

“Bill, We placed the 12 new wooden benches that we received from ACI yesterday around our 2nd floor lobby of the Historic Benton County Courthouse. I am very pleased with quality of these benches. They look great. Thank you.”

— Bryan Beeson, Benton County Administrator, May 21, 2021

Pictures from the Benton County Courthouse.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

All furniture items are constructed of solid oak and cabinet grade plywood. Select models also include integrated metal. All tops are made with high pressure wood grain patterned laminate, while doors, if so equipped, are a solid oak raised panel design. Our entire line of furniture carries a lifetime warranty against defective materials and workmanship (unless purchased second hand).