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Welcome to Arkansas Correctional Industries Online Catalog

ACI is a self supporting division of the Arkansas Department of Correction. All expenditures from light bulbs to salaries, rent, utilities, etc. come not from the general revenue fund, but from the sales of goods and services. Each purchase you make from ACI ensures that we will be able to train those who are assigned to us.

Statistics show that if ACI gives an inmate a viable job skill that can be used once he or she is released from confinement, he or she is far less likely to return to prison. This means that through the purchase of our goods and services, you are actually helping to lower the number of persons in prison. Any profits derived from the sale of our products and services go to enlarging our present programs and new programs to train more inmates.

ACI Catalog Categories
Athletic Equipment
Chair & Furniture Manufacturing
Furniture Refurbishing
Garment Manufacturing
Graphic Arts & Printing
Toilet Paper Operations
Janitorial Supplies
Metal Fabrication
Upholstery Services
Vehicle Restoration
Vinyl Products & Signs
State Employee Sales

Customer Eligibility

ACI provides quality products and services for tax-supported, non-profit agencies, and state employees. Inmates at ACI acquire technical skills and experience while producing quality products at competitive prices.

Contact the ACI Sales Office at
877-635-7213 to schedule an appointment to preview products and services with a sales representative.